Harikrishnan Balagopal

Software Engineer at IBM Research,

IIT Kanpur Alumnus

About Me

I joined IBM Research as a Software Engineer in 2020. I did my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur (2018-2020). I am from Kerala, India. My interests include designing Cloud Native apps, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. For my thesis work, researched different ways to generate videos using GANs. Research areas include Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, WASM, container optimization for the Edge, etc. Currently working as a maintainer for the open source Move2Kube project (which is now officially a CNCF sandbox project). Interested in security research, cryptography, blockchains, Web3 and formal verfication as a hobby.

About This Website

This is my personal website. I have included links to my codepen and some awesome stuff (mostly related to javascript) below. I have always been interested in Science and Technology, especially Computer Science and Physics, so I created this website to share some of the stuff I have found interesting over the years.

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